Pakistan Independence Day Speech Essay on 14th august

here you can find the Pakistan Independence Day Speech Essay on 14th August topic which is the most interesting topic for Asians, especially for Pakistanis. Pakistan is a state which was acquired in the name of Islam and the official name of the country is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan also states that the country is governed on the basis of Islamic rules and regulations and the majority here living Muslims. On 14th August 1947, Pakistan came into being after facing all the hardships and cruelty at the hands of Hindu extremist Muslims and was able to get this piece of land which was known as Pakistan. The name Pakistan was being chosen because it means “the land of Pure”. Let us wait for a second and then recall that what were the slogans on which Muslims of the subcontinent got this piece of land.


Pakistan Independence Day Speech essay on 14th augustThis slogan was the foundation of the Muslim land on which the ancestors have laid their lives so that their future generations can live with religious and social freedom, but what we are doing as a nation today when we have a separate homeland our own government, and our own economy. The name from which we got Pakistan that is Islam is getting vanished from the people, of the state as with the passage of time the nation is getting more and more liberal as far as religion is concerned. Muslim do have a very bright and enlightened history where they have ruled the world and have fought with all the strength and unity as the real example is what the world witnessed on the day of 14th August 1947 when the Muslim nation of the subcontinent got behind their influential leader Mohammad Ali Jinnah and then made that memorable migration.

But today neither We have such influential leaders like Jinnah anymore nor do we have any nation like that which was gathered by Quaid-e-Azam. Today the rulers and the leaders of the country are indulging in corruption and unfair means of generating wealth, as these self-centered, selfish, and non-patriotic which have just destroyed the harmony of the state and not just to blame the leaders but the nation is equally responsible for the destruction of Pakistan as today we don’t have any unity neither we have any common interest the only thing which matters to us is our society, our people, our sect, our community, and even our province. The unity of the nation disappears when the identity of the people changes from country to province. Today we have Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, and Baluchi but we don’t have any Pakistani which is the root cause for which Pakistan is facing enormous troubles from both internal and external bodies. We still have time to get reunited on one terminal and work combined for the development and the growth and prosperity of Pakistan should give the interest of the state more preference and weightage as compared to personal interest otherwise we are afraid that the efforts which Jinnah did in acquiring this nation will go in vain.

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